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Basic Info

Character Name :
Age :
Level :
Join Date :
ID :
(The ID is the number at the end of the link to your profile)
Monthly rank :
Have you purchased the Starter Pack upgrade? :
# of Stam gain upgrades:
Max stam :
# of XP gain upgrades :
# of BP Spaces :
Buffs you currently have:
Guilds you have been in, and why you left:
What type of Internet Connection do you use:
References inside CRUSH :
References outside CRUSH :


Telling us a bit more about yourself

--What Country are you in? (for logistical purposes)
--What is your native language?
--What other languages do you speak?
--Do you ever buy FSP from HCS to use on the +25 Current Stamina upgrade to level?
--When should you use Counter Attack to level?
--List all of the pots you hunt with:
--Which, if any, personal epic items do you own?
--Do you ever let your stam overflow and sit idle for long periods without leveling?
--Do you sell buffs for less than stamina cost?
--Are you a lifetime buffer for anyone, or a permanent guild buffer for anyone?
--Please copy and paste your advisor stats from your current guild (and make the formatting pretty so we can read it) :



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